Opro9 iU9 Smart Lightbulb Socket

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  • Certification:CE, RoHS, UL

Key Features

How often do you wish you could turn off yourlights without having to leave the comfort of your bed? The Opro9 iU9 SmartLightbulb Socket will enable you to do that, through a connection with youriPhone or iPad’s Home App, and even by using voice commands through Siri. Ifyou have an Apple TV or iPad acting as a router, you can even control yourlights remotely from work or when you’re at a party. This device is extremelyconvenient for the busy worker, and will give you peace of mind with itsability to sense when your Smart Lightbulb Socket is overheating or has been onfor too long. You can also set up favourite “scenes” for your daily routine,such as “Arrive Home” or “Relax”, where you can set up your lightbulb to turnon or off, or dim at a given time. The Opro9 iU9 Smart Lightbulb Socket is thelatest technology to provide you with an intelligent home.


  • Remote Control From Anywhere – You can turn yourlights on and off remotely through your Apple iPhone/iPad.

  • Dim your lights at the brightness you want – Createa certain atmosphere with your lights by dimming them with the Smart LightbulbSocket feature. This is suitable on various occasions, for example when youwant to watch TV with the brightness of the lights turned down.

  • Control lights with your voice – Givingcommands through Siri allows you to easily control your Smart Lightbulb Socket withyour voice.

  • Create customised schedules – Control the timeswhen your Smart Lightbulb needs to be turned on or off or dimmed, based on yourown daily routine.

  • Set up favourite scenes – You can create customsettings like “Arrive Home” where you can set the lights to turn on as you walkin the door.

  • Safety certifications – The Smart Lightbulb Socket has a range ofsafety certifications, including the FCC (U.S.), ETL (U.S.),NCC (TW), WiFi Alliance and more.

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