Opro9 Smart Diaper Sensitive Smart Baby Bed Wetting Urine Sensor Wet Diaper Alarm Detector Smart Pee Pee Alarm with iPhone and Android APP for Baby Monitor

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    • Battery capacity :210mAh
    • Battery type :CR2032 lithium battery
    • Certifications :FCC、CE、NCC、TELEC、SRRC、SAR、RoHS
    • Communication specifications :Bluetooth 4.0
    • Operation Distance :30 meters
    • Package dimensions :6.8*17.6*4.4cm
    • Package weight :115g
    • Power supplier :DC 3V
    • Product dimensions :11*4*1.3cm
    • Product weight :15g
    • Support Version : iOS 8.0 later 、 Android 4.3 later
    • The Main Material :ABS、 silicone

    Key Features


    Keep your baby comfortable
    all day, and all night!

    Instantly receive reminders when your baby pees, and prevent uncomfortable diaper rash!


    Receive instant alerts

    When a parent’s smart device is connected to the Opro9 SmartDiaper wearable via the Opro9 SmartDiaper App, he or she can receive instant notifications about when a baby pees. This way you can attend to your child quickly, preventing bothersome rashes and other skin issues.


    Understand your child’s habits

    Opro9 SmartDiaper automatically records the time and frequency of when the wearer pees, and when the wearer’s diaper is replaced. The Opro9 SmartDiaper App also stores this data on our cloud storage service, so even if you switch phones, you can still access your baby’s data!


    Recommendations from medical experts

    A baby’s kidney function will gradually improve as he or she ages, so how frequently a baby urinates will be different at different ages. Opro9 SmartDiaper uses the combined expertise of medical experts and data analysis to provide appropriate advice and reminders in the App based on your child’s age. This way, parents have a better understanding of the health status of the Baby.


    Monitoring multiple wearables is a breeze

    One smart device can connect to multiple Opro9 SmartDiaper wearables at the same time

    The Opro9 SmartDiaper app connects to Opro9 SmartDiaper wearables via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, and can simultaneously support connections to 5 Opro9 SmartDiaper wearables, so even if you have triplets, you can monitor them all simultaneously!


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